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About our company

Prestige is a family-owned business. We understand the importance of integrity and customer service and only deal with honest and reputable suppliers that provide us with 100% genuine and authentic brand new watches and accessories. We also personally inspect each timepiece before it leaves our offices. 

We love what we do, and judging by the thousands of favorable comments we have received, we know our customers love what we do too.

We know that we provide the ultimate in customer service, but unless you're an existing customer, you may not yet know this. Furthermore, you may be nervous to make such a large purchase without knowing more about us and our commitment to service, quality and integrity.

Many customers have published their reviews of Prestige Watch on third-party websites (including Google and Amazon). We also have literally thousands of emails, letters (and sometime gifts) from satisfied customers. If you would like to receive a copy of a letter or e-mail, please let us know. Perhaps you would like to contact one of our existing customers by phone, e-mail or letter Many customers have consented to being contacted, so don't hesitate to ask us for professional and customer references.